No one hates a bad wi-fi connection more than Amber Henson. The Oklahoma woman took her anger out on a group of teenage boys innocently enjoying their Doritos Locos Tacos at the local Taco Bell.

The predicament started after Hensen was pushed over the edge by the sub-par fast-food restaurant wi-fi. (For the record: we weren’t even aware Taco Bell had wi-fi.) The woman was so angry that she poured a cup of water over the teenage boys heads, prompting the teens to call the police.

Henson waited for the group of boys outside of the restaurant where she pulled out a 4-inch knife. She began taunting the boys saying “if you want some of me, come on!” before taking off down the street.

Police turned to social media to find Henson, posting the surveillance footage to Facebook and Twitter. Henson was eventually found a few blocks down the road with the knife safely stored in her sock.

Amber currently resides in an Oklahoma jail with chargers of assault with a dangerous weapon.

[via Fox23 News]