If there is one thing that basketball players can do better than ball, it’s eat.

Getting ready for a game that will make or break your career relies on more than just pure talent. Players have to condition their bodies with the right sort of fuel (and we’re not just talking Gatorade). That means a balanced diet of proteins, grains, and veggies.

But what happens when the season is over?

Some athletes choose to take the time to better themselves for the next season. Take the King himself, LeBron James, for example. The greatest player alive completely cut out sugar, carbs, and dairy for 67 days during the summer of 2014. The strict diet reaped major benefits, as James led the Cleveland Cavaliers deep into the playoffs.

But not every player abides by such a strict code. Guys like Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard choose to loosen up a bit, eating countless bowls of cereal and spaghetti.

Whether it’s daily kale juicing, or dining like an unsupervised child at a birthday party, here’s how 11 ballers enjoy the offseason.  

LeBron James

My Easter evening consist of this. Vino and relaxation!!

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Offseason indulgence: Vino and diamonds
Type of diner: Thrill-seeker

In seasons past, James has chosen to strictly monitor his diet by consuming only the cleanest of meals, including tons of juice. But after leading the Cavaliers to victory in the Eastern Conference, James chose to unwind, channeling his inner home-maker with a pitcher of fine wine and flossy ice. We expect nothing less from NBA royalty.

Kobe Bryant

@vanessabryant with the Art Direction and urs truly as the Executive Producer lol #FoodMuse #VivaItalia

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Offseason indulgence: Pizza and pasta
Type of diner: Purist

Although the Lakers tanked in 2015, it didn’t stop Kobe from treating himself as if he had won. The legend indulges in some next-level Italian feasting, demonstrating he not only has great taste in food, but is also a solid video producer (the future is yours, Kobe).

Dwight Howard

Wow tomahawk steak.

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Offseason indulgence: Tomahawk Steak
Type of diner: Americana loyalist

The Houston Rocket’s center is a junk-food savage. In 2013, Yahoo! Sports noted that Howard consumed the equivalent of 24 Hershey’s bars a day in sugar from soda and candy, leading some people to believe that he was a full-on sugar addict. In more recent times, Dwight has nixed the hidden candy bars in his house and nightstand drawers and begun treating his body right. That starts with eating premium meat at top-notch steak temples.

Jimmy Butler

#tbt … the last trip to paris … right back over there today… @rasta_phil @markwahlberg @saidtaghmaoui

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Offseason indulgence: Bottles and bottles of wine
Type of diner: Vineyard fanatic

When you travel around the United States for a living making bank playing basketball, it only makes sense to pack up your bags and explore the world in the offseason. The Chicago Bulls all-star turned up in Paris with Mark Walhberg, digging into all the fine wine a person could ever dream of.

Kyrie Irving

Chicken shack with my right hand @jhairston15

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Postseason indulgence: Fried chicken
Type of diner:
 Poultry hypebeast

2015 has proven to be the year of the chicken, with Shake Shack and Fuku making claims on Chick-fil-A’s territory. We’re hoping Kyrie took some advice from Marshawn Lynch and stored any leftovers in his sock.

Steph Curry

She did it again…..

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Offseason indulgence: Pork chop with mac ‘n’ cheese
Type of diner: Stay-at-home

It’s truly been an incredible year for Steph Curry. Not only did he lead the Golden State Warriors to victory in the 2015 NBA Finals, but he and his family were also blessed with their second child, Ryan Curry. Throughout the season, Curry has proven to be quite the family man, so it’s no surprise that his offseason indulgences begin with his wife’s home cooking. Ayesha Curry documents her meals on both her Instagram and YouTube. Chef Curry with the pot, boiiiiii.

Blake Griffin

Postseason indulgence: Subs
Type of diner: Unfussy and practical

If you’re in San Francisco, then you know that Ike’s is a place of the people, where throngs of locals go to get their daily sandwich fix. L.A. Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin has no problem waiting in list with the plebs to cop a sub. We do, however, have a problem with that mustache.

Chris Paul

Offseason indulgence: Chicken and risotto
Type of diner: Clean-eats freak

You wouldn’t put cheap gas in an expensive car, would you? That’s the mindset of CP3, who continues to fuel his body with “clean fuel.”

J.R. Smith

Offseason indulgence: Quaker Steak
Type of diner: Franchise fuccboi

With an Eastern Conference victory under his belt (albeit a shaky series), J.R. Smith decided to give back to his fans. Smith treated one lucky person to a lunch at Quaker Steak, the All-American automobile-themed restaurant. It’s a big jump considering his partying history.

Kevin Durant

Offseason Indulgence: Slushies
Type of diner: Junk-food addict

Although Lil B might still harbor ill will towards Durant for not giving credit while flicking his wrists, the Oklahoma star is still moving forward with his career. Not only does he own his own Southern restaurant, but Sonic also named a slushie after him. Looks like life can get better post-Based God curse.