The people have spoken: Wawa is officially America’s favorite convenience store.

NBC Philadelphia reports that Market Force Information polled 7,000 shoppers to get rankings of the most popular convenience stores in the U.S.
Wawa received a 68 percent “composite loyalty score,” making it the favorite convenience store of Americans.

Last year, the store ranked in as the number two most popular chain, second only to Oklahoma-based QuikTrip. The 2014 scores gave QuickTrip a 79% score and Wawa a 74% with responses from 5,000 customers.

What makes Wawa so great?

For starters, the chain has requested to start selling booze. This is big news, considering Pennsylvania’s archaic liquor laws, which state that beer may only be purchased from a restaurant, bar, or licensed beer store or distributor.

Additionally, the store ranks number one in terms of fresh food availability, thanks to it’s popular hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, and various other sides.

Currently, Wawa locations exist only in Florida, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Now that Wawa has been named king of U.S. convenience store, maybe it will branch out to other U.S. states so we can all get Red Bull and hoagies at 3am.

[via NBA Philadelphia]