Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal debuted a questionable skill on her Instagram late Monday. Agdal demonstrates her ability to pick up food with her foot and shovel it into her mouth with ease. Sounds sanitary, right?

My audition tape for “Denmark’s got talent”

A video posted by Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on

The ratings for Denmark’s Got Talent are going to skyrocket when Agdal and her foot are featured on the show.

Although, we aren’t positive the model will make it very far in the competition, considering she has to use her hands to transfer the food from her foot to mouth near the end. (Seems kind of amateur.)

Nevertheless, the video has caught quite a bit of attention, making others consider attempting the foot-to-mouth feeding technique.

The supermodel may be best known for her Carls Jr. Super Bowl commercial which aired in 2013. Since then, Agdal has proven she is a girl of many talents, ranging from golfing to eating with her feet.

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