It’s a feeding frenzy in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.


Australian diver Brett Vercoe and his wife watched from the safety of their boat as five hungry sharks devoured the remains of a dead sperm whale. The couple spotted two tiger sharks and three white pointers which all measured in at over fout meters (about 13 feet) long.

The video shows footage of the sharks sinking their teeth into the remains of the gigantic whale. The sharks can also be spotted alongside Vercoe’s boat, planning their next attack.


Along with the terrifying shark attacks that have been happening along the North Carolina coast, oceans in New South Wales have been infiltrated with hungry sharks ready to sink their teeth into anything they can get their fins on.

Australian news network Sky has reported two shark attacks along NSW beaches. One victim was Matthew Lee, a bodyboarder who had to be airlifted out of the ocean after being mauled by a shark. The attack left Lee in critical condition, with the possibility he may never be able to walk again. Another surfer narrowly avoided a shark attack in Lennox Head where he was knocked off his board and found the remains of his board ridden with bite marks.

Needless to say, you might want to think twice before dipping your feet into the ocean, even if it is #SharkWeek.

[via Mashable]