A Florida resident received a lot more than he bargained for when he pulled out his cell phone to capture a rainstorm in Gainesville.


While working across the street from Wendy’s, 25-year-old Hollin Hoffman decided to snap a quick video of the storm, thinking he might catch a few distant lightning bolts or some thunder.

Instead, he captured this insane footage of a Gainesville Wendy’s being struck by a huge bolt of lightning. The video began as a hilarious snapchat Hoffman wanted to share with his friends, but after posting the moment to Youtube, the video quickly went viral.

Hoffman stated that he believed the fast-food location might be cursed after a car accident happened the day before in front of the restaurant. Assistant manager at the Wendy’s branch, Matthew Keller, spoke with the Huffington Post about the spontaneous bolt, denying the possibility of a curse.

There’s no such thing as curses, right?

Perhaps this is the wrath of Wendy’s Corporate, bestowed upon a franchisee who needs to up his Frostee game?

Keller went on to say the damage the strike left behind was minimal. “The strike temporarily knocked out the restaurant’s phones, but otherwise the only damage was a little burnt grass.”

[via Gawker]