A restaurant visit turned into the cat fight of the century as two (presumably drunk) girls battled it out inside the eating establishment.

What looked like the beginning of a waltz turned into a savage boxing match. Watch the two girls push one another to the ground and scream for their lives.


The brunette pins the blonde to the floor as she throws quick punches that occasionally miss her target. She continues pulling the blonde’s hair before she finishes her combo with a ketchup facial. All the while, the crowd bursts out laughing in the background.

It’s important to note that no one at the restaurant attempts to stop the fight. Instead, a woman can be heard in the background saying, “Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.”


The blonde pleads with the brunette to spare her precious hair; meanwhile, the brunette keeps the blonde in a headlock. The video ends abruptly, leaving it up to the viewer to decide if the two ever made it safely home in an Uber.

Remember, future stars of fight videos on YouTube: always use condiments.

[via TotalFratMove]