In the era of 4,000-calorie restaurant dishes and competitive hot-dog-eating contests, it’s no surprise that we love to watch people eat more than they can handle.

Many have attempted the insanely caloric diets of famous athletes such as Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps and professional wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but few have succeeded. Norwegian reporter, Nicolay Ramm, was among those awed by the insane amount of calories consumed on a daily basis by these athletes. Ramm decided to take it upon himself to find out if the average joe could eat like a Tour de France cyclist. Spoiler alert: He failed miserably. 

It’s not easy consuming 8,000 calories—especially when your breakfast exceeds your amount of allotted calories for the entire day. It took Ramm over an hour to consume his ginormous breakfast, which consisted of an omelet, smoothie, bowl of oatmeal, and three sandwiches. On top of his huge morning meal, the reporter snacked on seven energy bars and croissants made with salami and jam.

By his mid-afternoon meal, Ramm was ready to call it quits. The reporter fought off urges to puke whilst nursing his rather large food baby, eventually giving in by his second energy gel.


Although Ramm was not able to succeed at eating like a Tour de France cyclist, many young adults have documented their successful 10,000-calorie diets on Youtube. Check out the current hot dog eating champion, Matt Stonie, eat 12,000 calories in under an hour (that’s the same amount of calories Michael Phelps consumes in a day).