Eating at American fast-food chains abroad is both strange and amazing. In China, Pizza Hut is a fast-casual establishment, complete with forks, knives, and a Cheesecake Factory-esque menu.

A Tokyo McDonald’s has decided to join the likes of these Chinese Pizza Huts and transform into “Restaurant M” for one night only. On July 27th, Restaurant M will feature repurposed McDonald’s food complete with silverware and cloth napkins. You never thought you’d see a McDonald’s pop up, did you?


A sampler of McDonald’s patties.(Photo: Sorrida)

Want in? Ten groups of twenty customers will be chosen to experience Restaurant M on the McDonald’s Japan website. The restaurant will feature a fancy menu and miniature McDonald’s foods. According to Kotaku, menu items include vichyssoise made from French fries, a gelée made with vegetables, and iced tea served in wine glasses. For dessert, you can experience a fancy McFlurry made with fresh blueberries.


Vichyssoise made from French fries and gelée made with McDonald’s vegetables.(Photo: Sorrida)

Check out more pictures of high-end cuisine made with McDonald’s ingredients over at Sorrida and ASCI.

[via Eater]