Hold up, the place with more beers on tap than any place on earth isn’t in Oregon, Colorado, or Munich?

That’s right, The Raleigh Beer Garden in North Carolina will offer the world’s largest draft beer selection under one roof. The recently opened Garden will offer 366 beers on tap, although not quite all the taps are flowing just yet (the Garden opened to the public yesterday, July 21).

The entire bottom floor of the Garden will offer an impressive 144 craft brews from North Carolina—including selections from Foothills and Olde Hickory—while the top floor will feature 222 draught beers from around the U.S. and all over the world. That seems like quite enough craft beer to keep you busy, but you’ll be happy to know there’s a third floor with a cocktail bar featuring locally-distilled spirits.

Given the South’s emergence as a power player on the national beer scene, you shouldn’t be all that surprised that this world-record-holding beer garden just opened in Raleigh.


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