Here’s what happens when you pass the taquero the aux cord:

Mexican food and vinyl are two of the best things life has to offer, and Reddit user UpgradeTech found out exactly what can happen when you combine the two. With the help of a laser cutter, UpgradeTech was able to create the record of our dreams out of a tortilla. While it may not have the best sound quality, we would still prefer to listen to this over Justin Bieber’s latest track on Taco Tuesday.

The idea of a tortilla record is a great example of how music can affect our taste. Not only does it spark creativity but it also transforms your dining experience. No one understands this idea better than Chef Heston Blumenthal, who created a “Sound of Sea” dish which combines seafood with an ocean soundtrack-filled iPod. Blumenthal found that igniting these senses can give the customer a transformative experience, even if they are hundreds of miles away from a body of water.

If you’re looking to experience the tortilla record for yourself, you’re in luck. UpgradeTech has blessed us with an Instructables post on how to experiment with your tortillas at home. All you need are some tortillas (obviously) and a laser cutter.

How to Turn a Tortilla Into a Record at Home

Step 1: Choose your tortilla. UpgradeTech recommends using an uncooked flour tortilla. Corn tortillas tend to be lumpy and harder to work with, while uncooked flour tortillas are soft and can be easily cut by a laser. (Photo: Youtube)


Step 2: Prep your music and cut your files. UpgradeTech uses Audacity to create his music files. For an in-depth guide of how to do this, click here. (Photo: Instructables)


Step 3: Turn your tortilla into a record. UpgradeTech notes to make sure you check with the owner of the laser cutter before you stick a tortilla in it. (Photo: Youtube)


Step 4: Test your tortilla and rock out. If you decide to make it into a taco after you finish listening, we think that’s awesome. (Photo: Youtube)


[via Mashable]