of The Guardian experienced an unholy egg monster while testing out the Egg Master he bought on Amazon. The machine, which is avaliable for $24 online, proves to be more terrifying than convenient.

The tubular egg looks like it came straight out of Lucifer’s refrigerator. Samadder writes,

In hot pink and stippled black rubber, Egg Master’s exterior screams cut-price, mail-order adult toy; its funneled hole suggests terrible uses.

It sizzles and bubbles as it comes out of the tube. Samadder notes that the device seemed as if it was possessed. Before cracking two eggs into the machine, he could hear “gurgling sounds from within.”


The demonic creation appears as if straight out of the 1990s classic, Tremors.


The tubular eggs reportedly smelled and look inedible. But Samadder decides to take one for the team and sample the egg. He sugarcoats the experience, saying it’s not the worst before dry-heaving into the sink.

[via The Guardian]