Early this morning, federal officers raided the Indiana home of longtime Subway spokesman Jared Fogle as part of a child pornography investigation.

According to witnesses, the raid began around 6:30 a.m. with both local and state officials serving warrants.

This isn’t the first time Fogle, who has become something of an icon in his home state, has been the subject of scrutiny. The executive director of his non-profit, the Jared Foundation (which aims to teach children about healthy living), was arrested on charges of child pornography and exploitation in May. Over 500 child pornography tapes were found on his property.

It gets worse: According to a Best Week Ever exclusive from 2007, Jared ran a black market pornography rental service out of his dorm room while studying at Indiana University.

“His porn collection was vast and extensive,” according to Best Week Ever, “and Fogle took his business pretty seriously… Jared had enough porn to keep his customers happy.”

Fogle rose to fame after eating a strict diet of Subway sandwiches and achieving significant weight loss as a result. But the only reason he started eating Subway was because the sandwich chain opened a branch on the first floor of his college dorm, where he was busy running his successful child porno lending library. Yes, Fogel’s love for Subway and resulting weight loss was all a matter of chance, catalyzed by his child porn business.

While Subway has yet to release a statement regarding Fogle, in May they praised their spokesman for quickly distancing himself from the situation at his foundation:

“We don’t have any affiliation with the foundation, and we were disgusted to hear about these claims. We’re glad Jared took quick action to sever all his ties with Mr. Taylor.”

Fogle, at the time, indicated he was shocked to learn about Taylor’s behavior and said that he had dissolved their relationship.

According to Business Insider, Fogle currently has a net worth of $15 million—all thanks to Subway sandwiches, and who knows what else.

Subway now says it’s suspending its relationship with Fogel amid investigation, reports AP.

Meanwhile, Jared Fogle’s attorney Ron Elberger told E! News,”Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion… He has not been detained, arrested or charged with any crime or offense.” We’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before the feds dig up more incriminating details about Fogel’s past.

UPDATE: In an attempt to revive stagnant sales, Subway was planning to rebrand Fogel as a “family man” in upcoming campaigns, Bloomberg reports. In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg on June 17, Fogel said,

“My life has evolved. The next step in my story is I have a family, and a lot of parents can relate to that. You want to be a role model for your children, and obviously one of the most important things is maintaining the weight, keeping it off.”

If you want to be a role model for your children, try not getting involved with child pornography, Jared.

[via Fox 59]