When you think of tacos, what do you think about? We’re betting the images that flash in your brain look something like this (but maybe without the rice and lettuce).

taco gif

Even if a gringo taco is more your jam, the one thing we’re positive you don’t picture is the “Subway Taco” that Subway Japan just introduced as part of a trio of limited-time sandwiches. Does Subway assume the Japanese will not realize or care what a taco actually is?

subway japan 1

Let’s start with that name. We hate to break it to you, Subway Japan, but “Subway Taco” sounds like it belongs in Urban Dictionary as a term related to “glass-bottom boat.” The suspect sandwich is filled with ground beef, spicy salsa, and your choice of cheese and veggies.

But the biggest problem is clear: Shoving taco fillings inside a generic flatbread doesn’t make it a taco. So what does make a taco? Serious Eats has a great field guide to many different types of tacos here. Despite the fact that in descriptive terms, a tortilla is a type of flatbread, it’s a very specific type of flatbread—and not the one that Subway Japan currently sells.


Photo: Subway Norway

The other day, we found at least one thing we can agree with GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker about: A taco isn’t a sandwich.

When Subway Norway tried to stuff taco fillings in a menu item earlier this year, at least they called it a “Taco Sub.” Points for honesty, Subway Norway.

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