This past Monday served as a disappointing afternoon for one Subway robber. The hoodlum left empty-handed after two teenage Subway employees straight up ignored his demand for money. 

WPRI reports that a robber dressed with a plastic bag on his head busted into the shop trying to get the attention of the employees, who used their bad attitude and general apathy to ignore the man. The robber, who was difficult to take seriously because he had a bag tied around his face and a t-shirt on top of his head, left frustrated and angry. Police say “the man became agitated and mumbled something under his breath as he walked out of the business.”

Looking to score some sort of cash, the desperate robber left the Subway and entered a liquor store 30-minutes later, this time with an accomplice. No word on whether this attempt included the plastic bag on his head or not.

Police have yet to find the unsuccessful burglar. Check back for updates as the story progresses.

[via Gawker]