McDonald’s has easily become the world’s most recognizable fast-food chain. When people around the globe think of stereotypical America, the first thought that comes to mind is: McDonald’s. (The second is probably our rapidly increasing obesity rates.) But just how ubiquitous are those Golden Arches in different parts of America?

According to a study done by 24/7 Wall Street, the top 10 states with the most McDonald’s are all located in the South and Midwest. The study compares the states with the most golden arches with their obsesity rates. The state with the highest number of unhealthy Americans isn’t in first place. Additionally, the state in which McDonald’s was founded, Illinois, does not have a spot in the top 10.

Peep the states with the most McDonald’s-per-100,000 resident below.

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1. Ohio

Locations per 100k Residents: 7.1

Obesity rate: 30.4%

2. Michigan

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.38

Obesity rate: 31.5%

3. Kansas

Locations per 100k Residents:  6.36

Obesity rate: 30%

4. Maryland

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.33

Obesity rate: 28.3%

5. Louisiana

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.3

Obesity rate: 33.1%

6. Arkansas

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.21

Obesity rate: 34.6%

7. Missouri

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.10

Obesity rate: 30.4%

8. Tennessee

Locations per 100k Residents: 6.05

Obesity rate: 33.7%

9. Indiana

Locations per 100k Residents: 5.97

Obesity rate: 31.8% 

10. Kentucky

Locations per 100k Residents: 5.94

Obesity rate: 33.2%

[via Business Insider]