Now that the previously impending Sriracha apocalypse has come to a close, Rooster Sauce mania is back in full swing. Whether you identify as a casual user or a full-on Sriracha addict, there’s a range of Sriracha-inspired items out there to suit your tastes and needs. Sriracha stilettos, anyone?

This weekend, clothing company Bait will sell an exclusive Sriracha baseball jersey at Comic Con in San Diego. For $60, you can cop this stylish jersey to prove to the world that Sriracha is more than a condiment—it’s a lifestyle.

The t-shirt features Sriracha motifs, including a rooster logo on the sleeve and the iconic chili-red color. Style your jersey with matching DIY sneakers, a keychain, and lip balm if you’re looking to create an authentic superfan style. Use the instructional video below to complete your look.