Real New Yorkers kick cabs, complain about how shitty the subway is, and fold their pizza when eating a slice. A squirrel in Park Slope, Brooklyn proved it’s a truer New Yorker than most Park Slope residents when it demonstrated the perfect Fold Hold.

Squirrels in NYC just seem to have the pizza-folding skill in their bones—unlike New York mayor Bill de Blasio, who riled up New York residents last year when he ate a pizza with a knife and fork at a restaurant in Staten Island. The squirrel knows better, which is why we think it should be the next mayor of NYC.

Squirrels are so good at eating pizza that an entire Tumblr—appropriately titled Squirrels Holding Pizzahas been created to honor their skill.

Although not all squirrels have the folding part down, at the very least they know not to use a knife and fork when feasting on a New York slice. Instead, they grip it in their claws and go in, as is socially acceptable.


A note to the squirrel pictured above: Science has proven the good old fold hold is the best technique for manual slice consumption, so take a cue from your squirrel friend in Park Slope and start folding.

A note to de Blasio: You were just schooled by a squirrel.


No fold hold = limp pizza slice. (Photo: Flickr/Sharyn Morrow)

[via Gothamist]