Paula Deen just committed another racially insensitive faux pas when she tweeted out the below photo of her and her son, Bobby… who’s pictured in brownface.

Paula Deen Screenshot

Deen and co. were going for an I Love Lucy theme in the above photo. Below you’ll find a snapshot of the actor that Bobby is trying to emulate, Desi Arnaz, who played Lucy’s husband Ricky Ricardo on the series.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Today’s tweet adds fuel to the allegations that have dogged Deen since 2013: she’s racially insensitive at best and a full-blown racist at worst. Two years ago, she became embroiled in controversy for making extremely racist statements in a deposition for a sexual harassment lawsuit, of which she eventually partially recovered from—but not before catching hellfire from social media.

This story is developing, and we’ll have updates as it progresses.

UPDATE (1:05 p.m.): Deen has since deleted the picture she tweeted out at 7:59am this morning.

UPDATE (4:58 p.m.): Deen’s company, Paula Deen Ventures, has fired the social media manager responsible for the posting. EW spoke with a rep who provided the following explanation:

“Paula immediately had this picture taken down as soon as she saw the post and apologizes to all who were offended. As such, Paula Deen Ventures has terminated their relationship with this social media manager.”