Three men are under police investigation for stealing 10 pounds of shrimp from a West Manchester grocery store. YDR reports that the shrimp thieves were caught on security footage entering the store, stealing bags of seafood, and promptly leaving together. The shrimp heist went down at 2:30pm on Wednesday.

Altogether, the thieves have stolen up to $259.80 worth of shrimp. YDR is asking anyone who has information on the three men accused of stealing seafood to contact Officer Michael Jordan (we’re not making his name up) at 717-792-9514.

The men—along with the 10 pounds of shrimp—are still missing two days after the incident. Maybe they’ve already been pawned off to this woman in Brooklyn who cooks shrimp on her apartment stoop. We’ll keep you updated as details emerge.

[via YDR]