To be honest, there are few things more enjoyable than watching a large corporation’s social media campaign go down in flames. Brands seem increasingly desperate to sell you sh*t, which makes the accompanying schadenfreude all the sweeter when failure inevitably occurs.

Ritz Crackers became the latest casualty when its Women’s World Cup-themed Twitter campaign hit the sh*t fan. For some reason, the Nabisco-owned cracker decided to make its presence known at the ticker-tape parade for the U.S. Women’s National Team, who recently won the World Cup. It then selected one ill-advised photo of midfielder Ali Krieger and caption to run in the below tweet.

Twitter users spotted a good ol’ fashioned controversy and ran with it.

It’s safe to assume that at least a handful of those tweets were meant earnestly, as in the users genuinely believe Ritz made a racially insensitive comment towards white Americans. Disregarding the fact that reverse racism (or, in the American sense, racism against whites) doesn’t actually exist, these tweets mirror other opinions white Americans have aimed at the country’s food industry. One misguided Iowan recently started a petition to get Cracker Barrel to change its name because “Cracker” is offensive to Americans of European ancestry.

Of course, Ritz’s tweet was just poorly worded, but don’t tell these people—their responses are social-media gold and the only reason we’re paying attention to Ritz’s ticker-tape Twitter presence.

Also, shouts out to legit jokes.

[via The Daily Dot]