Even when it comes to crustaceans, Jordan Lobster Farm abides by the maxim: Respect your elders.

That’s why the Long Island lobster facility spared the life of a gigantic 23-pound lobster they uncovered on Tuesday. The crustacean is so large that employees say it takes their entire body weight to lift it.


CBS2 reports that although there is no way to determine the exact age of a lobster, you can get an estimate based on its size and weight. An average lobster weighs about five to 10 pounds. This crustacean weighs almost double that, leading fishermen to believe its age is around 95-years-old.


Jordan Lobster Farms was so impressed with their find that they decided to spare the lobster’s life and donate it to the local aquarium, where he can enjoy his old age. During this four-day transition period, you can head to the restaurant to grab a selfie with the historic lobster.

[via Grub Street]