Actors don’t just become successful overnight. Most work hard and hone their craft while living in shitty apartments and just scraping by.

Paul Rudd tells Conan about his life as a 20-year-old, which was pure unadulterated struggle. Rudd reminisces,

“I actually found a mattress in the dumpster, and I thought, Sweet, free mattress! I hauled it up to my new apartment, slept on it, and woke up the next morning covered in red bumps… But I kept it!” says Rudd. “I think I sprayed it with Lysol, and I was just like ‘meh.’ Because when you’re 20, you’re just like ‘meh.’ And then, eventually, the bumps went away.”

Ok, so his bed bug-infested sleeping situation sounds less than desirable—but did he even have money to feed himself? The Ant-Man and Wet Hot American Summer star tells Conan,

“There was a place next door… it was all-you-can-eat Chinese food for $2.50. I used to take my backpack filled with Tupperware (as if I couldn’t even afford 2.50 every day), and I would go to the food bar—which looked like a rainbow trout there was so much MSG sprinkled on top of it—and I would put it in these tupperware bins and stuff it in my backpack and heat it up to eat the next day.

One time I ate so much of it, I got up to leave and fainted. It was MSG shock. My roommate Bo and I would eat so much, we would just start hyperventilating and laughing… like, What are we doing to ourselves? We would get dessert and then go back for mu shu pork.”

Ahh, to be young again.


[via Uproxx, Conan]

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