This bear perfectly embodies how we feel after eating one (or five) too many late-night tacos.

Over the weekend, the bear had Seminole County residents on their toes as he moseyed around the neighborhood, preying on bags of dog food. Florida critter controller Bob Cross was enamored with the rare sighting, and decided to snap a few photos as the bear “tossed and turned like a human” after consuming way too much canine comida.


As the bear made his way through the yard, he found a twenty-pound bag of dog food and happily helped himself to the whole thing. The bear’s all out binge-fest resulted in the world’s happiest food coma.


After his disco nap, the bear woke up and left, acting as if he didn’t just consume nearly twenty pounds of dog food. In an attempt to make sure the bear wouldn’t come back for seconds, a neighbor locked up the bag of dog food so it would be out of reach of the bear.


Cross notes that bear shooting season is coming up this October. He pleads for residents to spare the lives of the bears come Fall. He states, “they were here before we were.”

[via Mashable]