Oreo is dropping fire new products all the goddamn time. The newest Oreo iteration is “a light, crisp, and delicate cookie” dubbed Oreo Thin. It’s like the O.G. Oreo you know and love, only five millimeters skinnier than the original.

First We Feast sampled the Oreo Thin before its official debut in stores on July 13. We were initially skeptical—the press release from Oreo exclaimed that the Thins are “a nod to ‘thin’ cues we see these days in culture and technology”—but it turns out we’re on board with the skinny Oreo. The dimensions of the cookie gives it a crispness missing from the O.G. Oreo. It’s an addicting crunch that keeps you grabbing for more until the whole pack is empty. (So much for the “thin” part of the equation.)reg

One important note: it’s difficult to twist off the two sides of the cookie to get to the filling; the cookie part typically breaks when you attempt it. Despite a sadness that comes with realizing you can’t twist and lick out the cream, we give a thumbs up to the new thins and their crisp addictiveness.

There are three new flavors in the Thin line: original, mint, and golden. We’re big fans of the mint, which reminds us of the G.O.A.T. Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint.

Snack on, fam.




So, you’re a typical Oreo hypebeast who can’t wait until Oreo Thins hit shelves everywhere on July 13? On Tuesday, July 7 Oreo will send out a “Thinvitation” (ugh) to fans via @Oreo on social media. Fans who post using #oreothins will be #thinvited (double ugh) to enter for a chance to get a free sample of Oreo Thins before their official debut.

[via Oreo]