Can’t decide whether you should plant a peach, plum, or cherry tree in your backyard?

Thanks to the world’s first tree that can grow 40 different types of fruit, maybe you don’t have to choose. Syracuse Professor and artist Sam Van Aken, who created The Tree of 40 Fruit, explains how he thought of the concept,

[pullquote]”The idea [for the Tree of 40 Fruit] came with a fascination of the process of grafting. When I saw it as a child, it was Dr. Seuss and Frankenstein and pretty much everything fantastic.“[/pullquote]

Grafting is the process in which the tissues from one plant are inserted into another, joining together to form one plant. By utilizing this process, Aken was able to create the first-ever Frankenstein tree.

The hybridized tree grows 40 different types of stone fruit, including peaches, cherries, apricots, and even almonds. Each fruit branch was grafted onto the host tree. The project—which Aken considers an “art project,” as well as “a hoax” that “transforms reality”—began seven years ago in 2011. The fully grow trees, which take three to four years to reach their peak, have been placed throughout New York so people can witness each branch blooming at different times.

Although the grafting process is time consuming and the growing period is lengthy, Aken doesn’t have a doubt in his mind that it’s all worth it. He says, “Every year, it’s something new. Plus, you get fruit all summer.”

[via National Geographic]