If there was an Olympic event called “Making Food in the Most Amazing Way Possible,” this omurice master in Kyoto would be a gold medal contender.

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The famous omurice at Kichi-Kichi in Kyoto

What is omurice? The Japanese dish features fried rice topped by (or wrapped up in) an omelet, which is sliced open and left to magically spill out over the rice. It is typically served with demi-glace sauce or ketchup, which can be used to draw a design or spell out a message.

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Watch Kichi-Kichi chef Motoyoshi Yukimura slice open the omurice once more, only because it is amazing.


Now watch the master spoon sauce over the creamy egg.


Interested to know how Yakimura creates his legendary omurice? The YouTube video below gives a behind-the-scenes look at the cooking and assembling process. If you aren’t planning to seek out omurice for lunch today, you’re making a big mistake.

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