A Quesarito is a quesadilla-burrito hybrid that exists on Chipotle’s “secret menu.” If someone asks for the off-menu Quesarito, the staff melts cheese inside the tortilla before filling the burrito and wrapping it up.

Whoever orders a Quesarito at Chipotle will now be charged $3.50 in addition to the normal price of the burrito. That’s a hefty surcharge for some extra cheese in your burrito, imho.

One Chipotle employee posted the official standardized Quesarito policy on Twitter. The document explains that, if customers are upset about the $3.50 surcharge, the staff should explain that it takes extra time to melt the cheese in the quesadilla press.


When Business Insider posted a video about the Chipotle Quesarito in April of this year, an employee said, “We get, like, about five [requests] a day. A lot of people don’t really know about it.”

But thanks to the video and a slew of other websites writing about the Quesarito, it’s become a not-so-secret item. Chipotle’s communications director Chris Arnold tells Entrepreneur.com why the chain decided to standardize the Quesarito surcharge,

“In the case of the quesarito, people were ordering them with enough frequency, and we’d see confusion among customers from time to time because they could be charged differently when they order it.”

Here are a few pictures of the off-menu Quesarito, so you can decide for yourself if the $3.50 is worth you rolling to Chipotle right now and ordering one.


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