While Americans enjoy lettuce-wrapped protein style burgers from In-N-Out, Japan is out here silently changing the low-carb burger game.

Japanese fast-food chain Mos Burger introduced the first-ever bun made from a whole tomato cut in half. The new low-carb tomato burger joins the likes of Mos Burger’s other healthy options which include the rice patty burger.

The whole tomato-bun burger looks like a giant handheld salad, complete with what appears to be thousand island dressing, onions, meat patty, and plenty of lettuce.

It seems as though Japan has a knack for creating new and innovative burgers. In 2014, Burger King Japan released the first-ever all black everything burger which featured a black bun and black cheese. A year later, BK Japan released a red burger. 

Here’s a peek at some other insane Japanese fast-food creations:

Black Hot Dog

Ramen Bun Burger

Mega Burger Pizza

If you’re looking to try the tomato burger, it is currently only available at one Mos Burger location after 2 pm. Sorry, fam.

[via RocketNews24]