Competitive eater and mother of four, Molly Schuyler, can take down any 300-pound bro in a food-scarfing contest.

The 120-pound woman recently demolished the 13-pound “Big Fatty” sandwich at Fat Sal’s in Hollywood. The sandwich features a 27-inch garlic roll loaded with cheesesteak, cheese burgers, bacon, pastrami, chicken fingers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and more.

Schuyler finished the sandwich in 14 minutes and 13 seconds. That’s, like, one pound of sandwich per minute. According to Fat Sal’s Facebook, she completed the Big Fatty challenge in less than half the time it took the No. 2 record holder.


The fierce competitor discusses the challenges of crushing 13 pounds of meat and bread,

The starch alone on this is what I think gets every brave soul. In the end my time was around 14 minutes and 13 seconds. I got this amazing milkshake afterwards then proceeded to go into a coma at the hotel. Cheers!!!

Oh, and she gets to name a new sandwich on the Fat Sal’s menu. DM her suggestions over on Twitter.

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