While some folks spent their Fourth of July holiday grilling up hot dogs and burgers, Miley Cyrus chose to spend it a bit differently. The twerk queen quietly debuted a dainty avocado tattoo, solidifying her love for everyone’s favorite healthy fat-filled fruit.

Dear Avocado, I love you so much @laurenwinzer givezzzz me gooseyz

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Cyrus recently announced her decision to go vegan via Paper Magazine, around the time she began professing her undying love for avocados. The singer decided to make the dietary change after the death of one of her beloved dogs, Floyd. (We don’t exactly understand how veganism and a pet’s death are connected, but let’s get back to the avocados).

Today, the token vegan has completely embraced the avocado lifestyle, Instagramming some of her favorite ways to enjoy the food as a meal or a snack. Now all we need to know is her opinion on #guacgate.

Here are some of Miley’s most iconic moments with avocados: 

1. Miley first publicly announced her love for avocados on Instagram.

Deez r a few of my favawitttt thangz

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2. Prior to this announcement, she introduced the miracle fruit to her family, vocalizing that her dogs approve.

My dogs know wtf is up! I am addicted to avocados and I really don’t wanna give them up…. #ladrought ?!?!?!

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3. Cyrus demonstrates that avocados can serve many purposes and balance out even some of the most unhealthy treats, such as skull-shaped Funfetti cake.

balanced breakfast

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