Beijing’s Sanlitun district has become a mecca for weird happenings in China. At the same location where the notorious Uniqlo sex tape was filmed, a group of American men dressed in Spartan costumes decided to disrupt Beijing’s commercial district. 

The New York Times reports that the models were promoting an organic salad delivery service. Their tiny shorts and capes captured the hearts of the public, and men and women began asking for photos and taking videos of the warriors’ shenanigans.

But the fun and games didn’t last for long. The Chinese police force began making arrests after people complained the models were “disturbing street order.”

The company running the promotion, Sweetie Salad, apologized for its disruptive campaign after its plan backfired. The company was celebrating its one-year anniversary and hoped to promote health by having a group of models run topless around the city.

Talk about a marketing effort gone wrong.

[via UPI]