JBiebs and Queen Martha share a very special bond. Stewart went balls to the walls with her joke telling at Justin Beiber’s Comedy Central roast back in March, and asked the tween heartthrob to call her if he ever wants to settle down.

Now the two pop-culture icons have reunited. In an article for Interview Magazine, Bieber dishes to Martha about everything from ladies, to his eating habits, to his 4.0 high-school GPA.

While there’s a lot of fascinating banter about Maybachs and tech investments, we’re going to concentrate on what’s important: the food. Here’s what we learned about JBiebs’ eating-and-drinking habits from the interview. 


Bieber loves tequila, but doesn’t fux with the fancier stuff (yet)

When Stewart asks the 21-year-old what he drinks, he says 1942 tequila. Stewart responds, “Aha, you’re a tequila boy. That’s good. Have you tried any of the really fancy sipping tequilas?” Bieber replies, “I haven’t. I haven’t been introduced to that stuff yet.” Looks like the lifestyle guru and DIY homemaker mogul is about to turn Bieber on to some really good sipping tequilas.

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JBiebs isn’t much of a cook

When Stewart asks, “Do you ever get in the kitchen?,” Bieber responds, “I cook breakfast, and that’s pretty much it.” (Kind of weak tbh, JBiebs.)

…But he does treat his lil’ brother to home-cooked breakfasts

Bieber says he cooks breakfast for himself or if he “has a girl.” He adds, “I made breakfast for my little brother the other day, some eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Simple.” We’re pretty sure Stewart would love Bieber to make her dinner; that being said, she would probably take over the whole operation before Biebs even had a chance to get his hands dirty. And she’d probably make him weed brownies for dessert.

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Bieber is a health nut, loves grilled salmon

Biebs says, “I love grilled salmon, mashed potatoes.” No wonder his blond bangs always look so shiny. He adds, “I’ve been really eating healthy lately, so grilled salmon and a lot of steak and chicken breasts and stuff.”

[via Interview Magazine]