There are many things we’d love to eat on #NFCD, like Prince’s hot chicken and Fuku’s fried chicken sandwich. But we’re going to go ahead and pass on this roach-studded chicken po’ boy from Popeyes.

We reached out to @TreLantripm, who is a senior at Castle High School according to his Twitter profile, to find out where and when he bought the cockroach-infested sandwich.

Although he hasn’t hit us back about the details of the accusation, Popeyes did respond to @TreLantrip on Twitter.

Unlike that time a man claimed he was served a deep-fried rat at KFC instead of a chicken tender (it ended up just being a rat-shaped piece of chicken), this Popeyes roach photo looks legit (though still potentially staged), and the company repenting on Twitter at least suggests that getting a bug in your food isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Either that or the brand’s social media manager just hasn’t been given deny, deny, deny orders.

While we’re on the topic of disgusting things showing up in food, remember that time a woman found a frog in her Pret A Manger salad? We’d take the below salad over this roach sammie any day.


Photo: Instagram/@kathrynlurie