The siren song of a stiff drink can make men do very dumb things.

Two inmates, Richard Matt and David Sweat, broke out of a prison in Clinton County, New York on June 6. The tools they used to escape were snuck into the prison in a box of frozen hamburger meat—but that’s not the best part of the story.

The public speculated that the two fugitives were somewhere in Mexico; but it turns out that assumption was way off. While police were hunting them down, the fugitives were getting hammed at a small, secluded camp called Twisted Horn near Black Cat Mountain in New York State. Get this: the cabin belonged to corrections officer John Stockwell and a couple of his officer buddies.

Major Charles Guess tells The Press-Republican, “Matt was comfortable… having access to alcohol, heat and water.” But Sweat was a bit more worried about the idea of kicking back and getting sloshed at an officers cabin for a few more nights. “[Sweat] considered Matt to be a liability,” says Guess. “He wasn’t physically fit, and he was drunk as often as supplies would allow.”

After someone spotted the pair at Twisted Horn, Matt and Sweat fled the cabin and ran into the woods. The Press-Republican reports,

At one point, as they were hiding from police, Matt stumbled and fell, making noise that might have alerted searchers in the area.

Sweat used that as his opportunity to ditch his partner, Guess said, taking off running in an easterly and northerly direction.

Matt was eventually found hiding off Webster Street Road in the town of Malone. At that point, his partner in crime was a gonner.


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