Caroline Boyer, the wife of country-music singer Luke Bryan, knows exactly how to poke fun at her aging husband. Today, July 17th, marks Luke Bryan’s 39th birthday—just one year to go before the big four-zero.

Boyer decided she wanted a special cake to commemorate the occasion, so she hit up Cupcake Wars winner The Sweet Devine to create a hilarious treat that reflected the couple’s sense of humor.

Bakery co-owner Jenna Siebert worked with Boyer to create the cake. She tells Feast Magazine,”Right away she [Boyer] told me they have a really hilarious sense of humor, and she said, ‘I’m kinda thinking of a cake that has poop in it that says, Holy shit, you’re getting old.'”

The end result is fantastic. The cake features a clogged toilet with toilet paper that read, “Holy sh*t, you’re getting old.” Boyer elaborates,

“Luke has a pretty serious sweet tooth, so they made a chocolate chip cookie dough cake with housemade fondant—even the Metamucil bottle is made of little circles of cake. Everything was edible.”

The creation was presented to Luke Bryan by Caroline after she flew out to meet him at his Thursday night concert.

[via Feast Magazine]