Rapper, author, mogul, composer, and modern-day prophet, Lil B the Based God, took to Twitter last night to discuss why the world must free chickens and cows from the wrath of humans.

In a 14-tweet rant that lasted 10 hours, Lil B argues that chickens can provide us with more than just eggs. Animals give us friendship that can last throughout the ages, argues Based God.

Lil B first began preaching in favor of veganism back in June. The mogul believes that by consuming animal products, humans are disrespecting the animal. For years, we have torn baby farm animals away from their mothers for our own benefit, and Lil B believes this must be stopped.

While relating animal oppression to the current issues surrounding feminism and racial equality might seem like an out-of-left-field statement to some, Lil B finds that these issues might have more in common than we think.

The twittersphere was so captivated by the #rare based wisdom Lil B dropped, people began tweeting him photos with their pet chickens to prove they were ready for a change.

Unfortunately, Lil B found this to be degrading to the chickens and requested fans to stop sending him photos of their birds.

In order to fully respect the chickens, he argues, we must stop taking their eggs away and fully embrace the chicken’s capacity to provide the world with more than just huevos rancheros for breakfast. Although, we really like huevos rancheros. #TYBG