The five-second rule dictates most of the important decisions you make as a child. Drop a Cheeto in the dirt? Five second rule. Your friend’s Oreo falls to the ground? It’s totally clean if it hasn’t been there for five seconds.

The same logic was applied in this tiny Anaheim Angels fan’s decision-making process. While watching the game, the child’s hot dog slips out of its bun and lands on the floor. (Ok, maybe it landed on the chair; either way, it is now mad dirty). The child reaches down without hesitation, picks up the hot dog, and decides to eat it like a popsicle. After picking the dog off the ground, he proceeds to eat it sans bun, leaving his friend with a look of disgust.

While we’re not implying that the hot-dog slippage has anything to do with this, here’s a fun fact: The Angels offer the best per-ounce beer deal out of all MLB teams ($4.48 for 16oz). Don’t believe us? Check out this graph from Vinepair.

[via Vine, Bleacher Report]

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