While Americans were busy munching on Double Down Dogs and #basic chicken tenders, KFC in Phillippines was hard at work creating pizza history.

The chicken chain’s new KFChizza is a giant slab of fried chicken topped with pizza ingredients including mozz, marinara, pineapple, and pepperoni. Fried-chicken-as-crust? We’re down.

International KFC restaurants have gone crazy with pizza-inspired fried chicken riffs as of late. KFC Hong Kong recently announced its own pizza-and-fried-chicken hybrid in the form of pizza-crusted chicken wings. With other historical food inventions such as the Double Down and Double Down Dog under its belt, we can confidently crown KFC the king of swapping bread with meat.

The KFChizza is fire—that is, if you’re a carbophobe, a fried-chicken lover, or you aim to eat as many calories as humanly possible in one sitting. Plus, the commercial includes an insanely catchy song that will have you convinced pizza and chicken are the perfect pair.

Take it from this guy: the KFChizza is so good that you might end up buying six.


[via Eater]