Oreo maker Mondelez announced its newest cookie iteration—an Oreo five millimeters skinnier than the O.G. cookie, dubbed “Oreo Thins”—earlier this week. While everyone was obsessing about the Thins, Mondelez quietly slipped Key Lime Pie Oreos into grocery stores.

Important details: Key Lime Pie-flavored Oreos feature graham cookies and a key-lime-pie creme filling.


Unlike many recent Oreo flavors—looking at you, #Smoreosword of Key Lime Pie Oreos didn’t leak before they hit store shelves. The Impulsive Buy spotted the pie-flavored cookies at an H-E-B grocery store in Texas last week, while Consumerist cornered them in the wild at a Price Chopper in upstate New York over the weekend. Key Lime Pie Oreos may be only available this summer, but for right now, they’re everywhere.

If you’re thinking about how next level a key lime pie with a Key Lime Pie Oreos crust would be, Instagrammer @jme719 already beat you to it.

Last summer, when Oreo released Limeade Oreos as a limited-edition flavor, people were already suggesting how fire a Key Lime Pie Oreo would be.


Started from the Limeade Oreos, now we’re here.

And the hunger continued on through the Oreo-filled months of Summer 2014…


Mondelez obviously listens to its fans on Twitter. In Summer 2015, Key Lime Pie Oreos finally became reality. But what’s the verdict: are the Oreos a respectable tribute to Florida’s iconic dessert? Let’s take a look.

Some people fux with Key Lime Pie Oreos…




…while others definitely do not


One thing’s for sure: The Key Lime Pie Oreo debate is LIT.


[via Consumerist]