The banana is a miracle food: it’s portable, aids in weight-loss, and makes awesome one-ingredient ice cream.

And now, Japan has created the next generation of bananas.

The Shiawase Banana (shiawase means “happiness” in Japanese) is a rare fruit that hails from the north-central region of the Philippines. It grows in a national park which sits at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the banana—which is only available in Japan—comes with two peels. Nendo, the company that produces the packing for the luxury fruit, aimed to create a package that was equally as impressive as the food itself. The result was a double-layer sticker which “mimics the texture, colors, and feel of a banana peel.” Once the sticker is peeled back, it reveals the story behind the fruit.

The natural beauty of the banana, along with it’s remarkable packaging, helped the fruit become the first of it’s kind to be awarded 2 Stars at the Superior Taste Awards in Belgium.


Photo: Nendo

[via Eater, Nendo]