We’ve all been there: it’s 4pm, and you’re tired, hungry, and looking for a pick-me-up. But when you don’t want to commit to a cup of coffee that will keep you up all night, sometimes a can of Coke is the next best option.


While your caffeinated soda will give you the boost of energy needed for a limited amount of time, the side effects linger long after you take your last sip of Coke.

Design Taxi reports that there is more going on inside our bodies after drinking soda than we think. The simple graphic by Truth Theory demonstrates that in just under an hour, our bodies immediately undergo changes that affect the way we carry on with everyday activities.


Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what happens inside your body after you finish a can of Coke, as told by notorious straight-edge rapper Tyler, the Creator. (All data via Truth Theory.)

First 10 minutes


After you finish your can of soda, one-hundred percent of your daily sugar intake (10 teaspoons) hits your system all at once.

20 minutes in


All that azúcar will cause your blood sugar to spike, resulting in an insulin burst. At this point, any sugar your liver receives will turn into fat.

40 minutes in


You are now fully caffeinated and probably feeling pretty great. Your body has blocked the adenosine receptors which prevent you from getting drowsy, your pupils dilate, and your blood pressure rises. As a result, your liver dumps more sugar into the bloodstream.

45 minutes in


Now your body’s dopamine production is way up, stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. “This is physically the same way heroin works,” writes Truth Theory.

60 Minutes in


Your metabolism is boosted one more time as phosphoric acid combines with calcium, zinc, and magnesium in your lower intestine. But because of the high amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners consumed, calcium is excreted in your urine, which isn’t a good thing.

>60 Minutes in


Uh oh, here’s where the sugar crash happens. Your body excretes all the calcium, zinc, and magnesium that was headed to your bones in urine along with electrolytes and sodium. By now, you’re feeling exhausted. Any sort of hydrating qualities that you may have ingested have been excreted in your urine, leaving you tired and thirsty and considering another can of Coke.

[via Design Taxi]