Competitive eating champion Matt Stonie is unbeatable when it comes to consuming obscene amounts of food.

After a month-long hiatus from his hot dog victory over Fourth of July weekend (dethroning long-time champ Joey Chestnut in the process), Stonie has returned to his popular YouTube channel stronger than ever.

In the latest episode, Stonie documents all the stomach aches and brain freezes in his 36-minute long journey of tackling 12 pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


Stonie notes that you “have to get the Chunky Monkey,” and that nothing beats good ol’ vanilla.

Nothing is sugarcoated in this raw footage—he suffers through a bitten tongue, chills, and pure abdominal despair.


Stonie consumed a whopping 13,400 calories in under 45 minutes, which is more calories than Michael Phelps eats in an entire day.

He claims the challenge didn’t go nearly as well as planned, at one point asking himself, ‘What was I thinking?” We have no idea, Matt, but we’ll enjoy the ride.

[via YouTube]