The above video of a massive stingray sucking a spider crab up into its mouth is a reminder that even seafood thinks seafood is tasty. The spider crab works hard to molt its shell, only to be devoured by the giant stingray.

The fascinating video, filmed at Blairgowrie Pier, Australia on June 30, teaches us that giant stingrays are essentially the Roombas of the seafloor. Let’s take a look.

spider crab molting

The spider crab is sitting on the ocean floor, molting and minding his business, shedding his shell because it got too small.

Then a giant stingray comes by, and starts mean mugging the spider crab. He’s clearly looking for some unsuspecting sea snacks to vacuum up into his giant mouth.

spider crab stingray 1

The end comes all too soon for the shell-free spider crab. Imagine if your peel-and-eat shrimp just peeled itself right in front of you. You’d pretty much have to eat it, amirite?

spider crab stingray money shot

[via YouTube]

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