This panda seriously knows how to get what she wants.

After finding out the perks of being with child, Taiwanese giant panda Yuan Yuan faked being pregnant so she would be allowed to hoard snacks and ice blocks, and be in the comfort of an air conditioned room. It’s a pretty strategic move, considering how hot and humid summer months can get.

Yuan Yuan first learned just how well a panda is treated whilst pregnant when she had her first cub. In June, Yuan Yuan was artificially inseminated, leading zookeepers to believe her actions we’re a tell-tale sign the panda was pregnant. Instead, it turns out Yuan Yuan was just catfishing everyone in order to reap the benefits of unlimited fruit and bamboo.

Yuan Yuan is definitely channeling her inner Kim Kardashian, who received unlimited burgers and milkshakes for her second pregnancy. We’re rooting for you, Yuan Yuan, and think your actions are completely justified.

[via NYMag]