This has been a momentous year for the taco. Last month, the taco emoji finally became a reality. Now, the world is getting a taco-themed baseball team.

On August 6th, the Houston Astros Triple-A affiliate team, the Fresno Grizzlies, will become the Fresno Tacos for one night only. The Grizzlies are transforming into tacos to celebrate this year’s Taco Truck Throwdown, an annual event showcasing Fresno’s extraordinary tortilla-swaddled culinary offerings.

Of course, this means The Grizzlies are getting amazing new uniforms. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the team with the best taste in the league.

Both the jerseys and the caps were dreamed up by the Grizzlies’ own Dorian Castro and Andy Inman. You can pre-order the cap here from the official Grizzlies Store to show your taco love.



The Taco Tuck Throwdown is by no means small. Event co-founder Mike Oz explains that the event started in 2011 with seven trucks and sold 7,977 tacos. Last year, 19 trucks showed up to the event and dished out 27,222 tacos.

At the 2014 Taco Truck Throwdown, baseball fans got to watch none other than Jose Canseco bust open a taco-shaped piñata.

Oz summed up the true meaning of TTT to Yahoo! Sports,

We created Taco Truck Throwdown to shine light on the original food trucks, to take these mobile taquerias that often operate on the outskirts, on dusty roads or in industrial areas, and put them in front of thousands of people, so they can see (and taste) the ultimate mom-and-pop businesses. Some of them have been doing this for generations, since migrant workers started coming from Mexico to work in our agriculture-rich valley.

Anybody who lives in the Central California knows there are great tacos here. Now, with these caps and jerseys, a lot more people are going to know too.

Mark your calendars for August 6th. Plan to eat tacos, knock back Tecates, and watch some baseball.

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