At one Taco Bell location in Fort Lauderdale, it appears some customers received a little more than just a chalupa.

On Saturday, June 19th, a sting operation was formed in the parking lot of a Florida Taco Bell where customers were offered various sexual favors in an attempt for police to combat street-level prostitution.  

Get it twisted.

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Yelper Dave M. left an obscure comment on the Taco Bell’s Yelp page, making it clear that there might be more going on in the restaurant than deep frying tortillas.

For anyone visiting Fort Lauderdale, I would highly recommend that they make sure to experience Taco Bell not only for the nourishment but also for an experience they won’t soon forget.

The operation involved one of the undercover detectives posing as a prostitute. The Broward Palm Beach reports that two men slowed down by the Taco Bell to ask if the detectives would offer them any action. Instead, the detective arrested the men, and the police were able to shut down the prostitution ring. According to the news source,

At 4:30 p.m., 58-year-old Joseph Sirgany slowed his truck and made a “beckoning head nod gesture,” the report states. He allegedly rolled down the passenger side window and asked, “You want to give me a blowjob for $40?” The detective gave a takedown signal and pointed the duped john toward the back of the Taco Bell, where he was arrested.

According to Fort Lauderdale police spokesperson Tracy Figone, “Street prostitution is not a serious issue in Fort Lauderdale. Proactive prostitution operations are conducted to prevent street prostitution from becoming an issue and to prevent more serious crimes.”

When Taco Bell employees were asked about the operation, they said they had never seen a prostitute in the parking lot before, and that “they were too busy taking orders to notice.”

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