Last month, we reported that an Avian Flu outbreak terrorizing U.S. farms means fewer Thanksgiving turkeys for 2015.

Now the Avian Flu struggle continues—and this time it’s effecting your precious eggs. Quartz reports that the cost of eggs are increasing at rapid rates, even surpassing the price of chicken meat“Their surging price has made eggs more expensive on a protein-per-dollar basis than chicken breasts for the first time on record,” according to the news source.chix

Chart via Quartz

Eggs are becoming so pricey that fast-food chains have already begun taking precautionary measures to compensate for the expensive protein. Panda Express has started swapping corn in for eggs in its signature fried rice. Meanwhile, Whataburger shortened its breakfast hours.

According to the US Department of Labor, the price of wholesale eggs has increased from 56% to 84.5% in the last month. In retail markets, the cost for a dozen eggs has risen to over $2.50 per dozen, just below the highest egg prices seen in 1984.

In an attempt to combat the chickens infected with Avian Flu, 48 million bird lives were lost, 71 percent of those being egg-laying chickens. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the casualties of the chickens used for meat are somewhere around 13 percent, resulting in cheaper chicken meat and more expensive eggs.

Are you concerned about the price of your breakfast sandwich? Here are a couple people taking the news just as badly as you are.

[via Quartz]