Looks like Ariana Grande isn’t off the hook just yet. Wolfee Donuts store owner Joe Marin claims Grande is banned from the store for life and he’s pressing charges for the doughnut-licking scandal that caused many Americans to question the sanitariness of their fried dough, as well as the sanity of the singer.


It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride for Ariana. Last week, Grande outraged the nation when she was caught licking a doughnut and claiming she hated Americans on surveillance footage. The scandal only escalated when her apology turned into a rant on the American food system. The saga continued late last week when she apologized once more, this time for ranting about junk food and ignoring the fact that she licked a doughnut.

Grande wasn’t the only one who experienced ups and downs. The incident caused Grande fans to flock to the doughnut store in support for the singer, tripling the shop’s business. But unfortunately, the incident caught the attention of the health inspector, resulting in a B health rating for the store.

Today, Wolfee Donuts has decided to press charges of criminal mischief against Grande, contrary to what many news outlets have been led to believe.

This morning, AP reported that the Riverside police believed it was case closed for the #DonutGate scandal. BuzzFeed is now reporting that Grande will not be getting off that easy. In an interview with Toronto-based radio station Roz and Mocha, the owner of Wolfee Donuts says that he filed charges on Monday, July 6th and banned Grande from the store for life. At this point, we’re not sure whether to believe the Associated Press or the owner himself, but we’ve reached out to Marin for comment.

One thing that’s certain: the B health score has greatly effected the shop’s business. The police calculated Marin’s losses at $4 after he claimed that Ariana licked two doughnuts and spit on another two. But for Marin, this wasn’t where he had beef. The health score has deterred people from coming to Wolfee. He claims that because Grande is famous, she should be pressed with charges. “I think she should be pressed with charges,” Marin said. “Just because she’s popular… If it was one of us like a regular customer, they would do something about it.”

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