Barbecuing in the great outdoors is a classic American pastime.

But after one Florida resident grew sick of the constant smell of smoked meat coming from her neighbor’s house, an environmental inspector was called in to convince grill master Chris Matt that it’s illegal for smoke to leave his property.


The video above, filmed by Matt’s friend, documents the interaction between the inspector and the chef. The environmental inspector argues that no one wants to smell the food cooking in Matt’s yard. By grilling with his friends, Matt is “violating air quality law.” The environmentalist goes on to state, “You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts,” to which Matt’s friend states, “We can’t control the wind, God does that.”

The video racked up an amazing four million clicks, leaving people clueless as to why anyone would ask someone to control smoke. Pinellas County states,

“Pinellas County does not have an ordinance banning backyard barbecuing. Pinellas County Air Quality has regulatory responsibility countywide and is obligated to respond to citizens’ complaints. It is important to note that the county was not there to regulate barbecue grilling. A complaint was received about objectionable smoke and odor and an environmental specialist investigated the situation. The county has not issued any citations and there is no ordinance banning residential backyard barbecuing.”

The neighbor who filed the complaint is adamant to stop the barbecue smoke from leaving Matt’s property. She filed multiple complaints to not only the environmental specialist, but also to the government and fire and police departments. No citations have been issued to date, but we will keep you updated as the story progresses.

[via YouTube]